Australia: Parents sued for school fees in bullying dispute

By Bellinda Kontominas
The Sydney Morning Herald
SYDNEY, Australia — A SYDNEY couple who refuse to pay thousands of dollars in private school fees claim the school failed to stop bullying which led to one of their daughters harming herself, a court has heard.

Grant and Gloria Mears owe Roseville College about $20,000 in tuition fees and penalties after they removed their four daughters from the school in early 2007, claiming it had provided a sub-standard education and had failed in its duty of care.

Roseville College is suing the pair in the Downing Centre Local Court for failing to pay the fees.

In a document tendered to the court, Mrs Mears said she had found it ”shocking, frightening and disturbing” when one of her daughters disclosed details of ”intense harassment and bullying” which had occurred throughout 2005 and 2006, and been ”repeatedly ignored” by teachers.

The girl, who had been in years 7 and 8 at the time of the bullying, had told her mother her teachers had regularly intercepted and read ”cruel notes” being passed around class but ”ignored” the situation, the document said. Full story.


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  1. Thats my school :S

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