Nebr. sheriff says no charges likely in high school hazing
Under a graffiti covered bridge, freshman from St. Paul High School were taken, some against their will.

Sheriff Harold Schenck said initiation rituals have escalated, as upper classmen poured hot sauce, cat food, syrup, and vinegar on freshmen.

“Apparently this is something that’s ongoing and it has apparently involved most of the freshman class at St. Paul High School,” Schenck said.

School is where law enforcement wants the problem to be addressed. The sheriff said it’s not a matter for the courts, because it doesn’t meet the definition of hazing under Nebraska law.

“The statute refers to college age students,” he said.

St. Paul has a hazing policy. During a Friday night pep rally, before the trouble began, educators admonished kids to not to let things get out of hand.

Superintendent Doug Ackles said, “We warn our kids to behave, do the appropriate thing, not to damage other people’s property, to make good choices. We have many character development programs in school and once in a while kids make bad decisions.”

For a district recently honored by the governor and a district where voters approved a school bond, it’s disappointing to see the reputation tarnished. Full story.

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