Paralyzed teen’s parents sue Chicago school over alleged bullying

By Kristen Mack
The family of a former St. Ignatius College Prep student sued the school Monday for negligence over an alleged hazing incident that left him quadriplegic 2 ½ years ago.

Christopher Connolly, then a 15-year-old freshman, suffered the injuries when he struck his head on the bottom of the school swimming pool while practicing with the junior-varsity water polo team in February 2007.

The lawsuit alleged an assistant coach told some classmates to throw snowballs at “Flounder,” a derogatory nickname he had given Connolly. As he tried to avoid being hit by “a barrage” of snowballs, kickboards, buoys and other pool equipment, Connolly was instructed by another coach to “get in” the pool, the suit said.

Connolly “was forced to dive into the swimming pool,” hitting the pool bottom and fracturing his vertebrae, according to the suit and his attorney, Steven Greenberger.

Greenberger said the injury has devastated the family. Full story.


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