Is your child being bullied? Don’t keep quiet, say officials

Maryland Gazette
What do you do if your child comes home from school on Monday and complains of being picked on or teased by other students?

School administrators urge parents to come to them to report the abuse so they can put a stop to it, though privacy laws can keep parents from learning the details of how the problem was resolved.

“The school can’t help solve the problem if the school doesn’t know about it,” said Sarah Pelham, assistant superintendent for student support services for Anne Arundel County schools.

Parents may request that the school move their child to a different classroom or school, though the method of discipline is ultimately left up to school officials.

Not everyone is always happy with the school’s actions, especially when bullying continues.

Christopher Jones, a 14-year-old high school freshman, died in May after allegedly being struck in the neck by a group of teens while riding his bike in his Crofton neighborhood. His mother, Jennifer Adkins later said he was bullied by those teens, who allegedly had ties to local gangs.

But Adkins says she only found out about the bullying because she called school officials after speaking with her son.

“That was because I was a pro-active parent,” said Adkins, who plans to sue the county and the Board of Education. “Why didn’t they call and tell me this first?” Full story.


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