California schools step up to combat bullying

By Cort Klopping
CHICO, California — Here in the North State administrators are finding new ways to combat bullying. “We want to try to see if somebody is into somebody, getting close to them in an aggressive way and that kind of thing. If they’re verbally doing something to them or physically touching them” according to Marsh Jr. High Principal Jay Marchant.

Officially bullying has been around for decades, but administrators say recent advances in technology have made the problem much harder to contain. Marsh Jr. High Counselor Pam Bodnar say’s “cyber-bullying has escalated beyond belief, especially in the past 5 years.” Marchant says “we’re trying to keep up with the technology…the texting, the myspace, the facebook, all of that stuff. It’s so much easier for kids to bully kids now because they don’t have to personally do it.”

That’s why officials at Marsh Jr. High in Chico have created several programs to help students. There’s a bullying hotline, visits from Chico State psychology students and peer advisor groups. “we’ve recognized that something coming from a peer is going to have more of an impact that something coming from an adult” according to Bodnar. Full story.


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