Parents defend suit against lgbt training in Alameda district

By Keith Gleason
San Jose Mercury News
The attorney and one of the parents who filed a lawsuit last week against the Alameda Unified School District spoke out this week about why they took the action.

Kevin Snider, chief counsel for the Pacific Justice Institute, a nonprofit, conservative legal defense organization in Sacramento, said he filed the lawsuit on behalf of the 20 Alameda school parents to protect the parents’ rights to opt out their children from the new Alameda Unified School District-approved supplemental curriculum that will teach about gay alternative families to all elementary students.

Since the district adopted the curriculum in late May, numerous parents have sent letters to Superintendent Kristen Vital, requesting that their children be allowed to opt out of the instruction. The district recently sent form letters denying the parents’ requests, which prompted the suit.

According to the letters sent by the district in July, the Safe School Community Lesson 9 will be taught within the first trimester of the 2009-10 school year. While the district has claimed that a gender curriculum was necessary to address bullying and harassment in elementary schools and to provide safe schools for all children, the parents who filed the lawsuit disagree.

Jonathan Stairs, whose child will be in the fourth grade at Edison Elementary School this fall, is unhappy with the new curriculum. “I’m opposed to teaching my child that homosexuality is morally acceptable,” he said. Full story.


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