Youth spared jail in Wilson, NY school bus hazing case

By Thomas J. Prohaska
WILSON, N.Y. — The only person convicted in the Wilson High School baseball hazing case was sentenced Tuesday night in secret.

Defense attorney Mark E. Guglielmi said his 19-year-old client didn’t receive jail time — a one-year sentence would have been the maximum — but neither he nor Assistant District Attorney Robert A. Zucco would reveal the actual sentence.

The defendant, his parents and grandparents slipped out a back door to avoid reporters.

Other options included three years’ probation or a conditional discharge, each with the possibility of some community service.

The sentence was imposed by Town Justice George R. Berger, who was required under state law to grant the 19-year-old youthful offender status because he was charged with a misdemeanor in a town court and had no previous criminal record.

“The statutes governing the treatment of youthful offenders preclude me from saying anything,” Zucco said.

The 19-year-old, who had pleaded guilty June 10 to endangering the welfare of a child, was the only person convicted of anything in the sensational case, first publicized by state police as a felony sexual assault until prosecutors dropped those charges. Full story.


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