School bullies send Rhea Central Tennessee 6th grader to hospital

Callie Starnes
WRCB TV Eyewitness News
DAYTON, Tenn. (WRCB) — “He said they poured chocolate milk all over him,” said Melanie Smith as she held up the shirt her son was wearing when she took him to the hospital.

The chocolate-milk-stained t-shirt will wash-out, but the thumb prints left on Melanie Smith’s sixth grade son have left emotional scars.

“Do you see other kids get picked on too?” we asked him.

“Yeah,” he answered.

Eyewitness News was asked not to show the 12-year-old’s face as he told us about the bullying that goes on Rhea Central Elementary School. He claims the same group of boys have stolen his lunch, called him names, then on Monday they pushed him down a set of bleachers. It was hours before a teacher knew he was hurt.

“There was nobody in the gym monitoring,” said Smith. “If there was, honestly, how could they have missed that happening to him?”

Melanie Smith was called to the school to take her son to the hospital. An incident report filed on Tuesday with the Rhea County Sheriff’s Department documents marks found on the boy’s arm, neck and ear.

Smith says she went to the school to confront the school’s principal about the incident, but she claims the school isn’t taking bullying seriously.

“(Principal Doug Keylon) did say whatever they do get, it wont be enough to satisfy me,” said Smith. Full story.


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