Elizabeth Thrasher in Missouri charged with cyber-bullying

By Steve Pokin
Suburban Journals
St. Peters, Mo. — A 40-year-old St. Peters woman was charged Monday under Missouri’s new cyberharassment law for allegedly harassing a 17-year-old girl by posting the girl’s photo, workplace, e-mail and cell phone on a Craigslist forum where people go to pursue sexual encounters.

Elizabeth Thrasher is accused of posting the information May 1 to harass the daughter of her ex-husband’s girlfriend.

The ex-husband had moved in with his girlfriend in St. Charles County, which prompted an argument between Thrasher and the girlfriend, according to Jack Banas, St. Charles County prosecuting attorney.

As part of the bickering, the girlfriend’s daughter sent an electronic message to Thrasher, Banas said. Thrasher retaliated by placing the ad on Craigslist, Banas said.

According to the probable cause statement, which is made by police and found in court records, “The language in the advertisement could be construed as sexual in nature.” Full story.


One Response

  1. I believe she should be charged under the law. It was unnecessary for what she did and that she is 40, not 14.

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