Walker Middle School victim: Flag football team witnessed assault


The Tampa Tribune
TAMPA — As other members of his team watched, a Walker Middle School flag football player said he was sexually assaulted by four of his teammates on at least 10 different occasions, according to court documents released Tuesday.

The boy said during each attack, he told his teammates to stop. Every time he was held down while his attackers used a hockey stick and a broomstick, the boy said. One of the teens threatened the boy and told him he better not tell a soul.

“I’ll beat you up if you tell anybody,” the attacker told the boy.

Those were some of the details that surfaced when the state attorney’s office released 105 pages of pre-trial discovery documents.

Investigators say the four teens bullied the boy before sexually assaulting him with a broomstick and hockey stick in a locker room at the school.

Lee Louis Myers, 14, Raymond A. Price-Murray, 14, Randall John Moye, 14, and Diemante Roberts, 15, have been charged as adults. Each faces four counts of sexual battery and has pleaded not guilty.

Included in the discovery documents released Tuesday were five pages of an interview Hillsborough County sheriff’s detectives conducted with the victim on May 16. According to the transcribed interview:

The boy said the attacks began after two or three flag football practices. The boy was changing and leaving the locker room when the assailants “grabbed me and then they just dragged me all the way down,” he said.

The victim names Myers, Price-Murray, Moye and Roberts as his attackers and said he was alternately assaulted with a hockey stick and broomstick between 10-12 times while other members of the flag football team watched.

“Was there ever any other students in the locker room?” detectives asked the boy.

“Yes,” the boy says, “basically the whole team.”

No coaches or teachers witnessed the alleged attacks, the boy said.

The victim tells detectives that Price-Murray and Roberts were the only two who assaulted him with the hockey stick and broomstick while Myers and Moye held him down. No other members of the football team were involved in the attacks, the boy said.

The boy said Price-Murray and Moye would tell him during the school day that “you’re gonna get it today at practice.” Full story.

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