School inaction forces bullying victims from school

By Joe Kent
BBC Producer
Around 6,000 pupils have been taken out of — or invited to leave — mainstream schooling in England because of bullying, one children’s charity estimates. Parents, pupils and educational professionals say that all too often it is the victims’ lives which have to change while the bullies remain in school.

Fourteen-year-old Louise (not her real name) is one of those children who have been taken out of school. She suffered a three-year campaign of victimisation which began with name calling and developed into threats and eventually violence. She was beaten up, tormented and on one occasion had her hair cut and glue sprayed on her while she sat in class. The effect was devastating.

“Her behaviour really changed, she became withdrawn, she became aggressive. I started to notice marks on her arms,” explains her mother Catherine.

Louise began to self-harm and even contemplated taking her own life.

Despite repeated phone calls to the school and a string of meetings her mother says they failed to take their concerns seriously.

“Every time there was a problem we reported it and it was never resolved. Full story.


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