Locker room hazing reported at Kentucky school

ABC 36
LEXINGTON, Ky. — Five Dunbar High School football players are off the team, accused of hazing their freshman teammates during football camp this week. The principal of the high school says Monday, the members of the team gathered in the weight room and the boys were horsing around.

He says that’s when it escalated into some upperclassmen targeting the freshman players.
He says only one player was injured.

“Fortunately the one student that did have an injury is fine it could have been much more serious and that’s certainly part of our concern because that kind of behavior leading to any injury is just not going to be tolerated,” said Anthony Orr, the principal for Dunbar High School.

But a parent who contacted ABC 36 News by e-mail gives a different version of events.
Brian Jones says his 14-year-old son and two other freshman were lured into the weight room by the upperclassmen.

Jones says his son was beaten, punched and struck with a weighted medicine ball, resulting in him losing consciousness and suffering a concussion. Full story.

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