Florida school administrators invite SafeWave.org to conference

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) — SafeWave.org™ is a nonprofit organization becoming recognized as an online safety leader. It offers the only free and secure Internet safe haven for children ages 5-18. SafeWave.org’s™ iLAND5™ is enriched with education, games and social interactions in an age-appropriate network.

Steve Schechner, CEO of SafeWave.org™, along with Debbie Johnston, founder of Florida’s Jeff’s Law, Marlene Snyder, PhD, representing Clemson University and the Olweus bullying prevention program, and Sue Thomas, M.A. Hazelden Foundation, provided a joint presentation on Cyber Bullying at the 2009 FASA Leadership Conference in Orlando.

Florida’s Jeff’s Law, which was inspired by Debbie Johnston’s son’s suicide, is a comprehensive legislation that prohibits the bullying or harassment, including cyber bullying, off school grounds. Ms. Johnston has become an active supporter of iLAND5™ and is thankful for a safer internet environment. During her inspirational presentation, Ms. Johnston, an educator for 30 years, cautioned parents not to ban computers and Internet use, because they are vital for students and serves as a virtual outlet for a friendly community. That’s why it is imperative that a safer Network like iLAND5™, with a conscience, is available for all our children.

The seminar sponsored by Hazelden began with eye opening statistics and information on bullying followed by an in-depth presentation by Marlene Snyder on Olweus strategies. Cyber bullying has consequences, for both the bully and victim, including: missed school days, anxiety, depression, lowered self esteem and higher rates of illness. Many attendees were surprised to learn girls were more likely than boys to be cyber bullies. Ms. Thomas stated “Many adults do not address bullying issues. Parents need to talk to their children, and schools must utilize ongoing prevention programs.”

SafeWave.org CEO, Steve Schechner, noted that “The internet requires fast paced action when cyber bullying and cyber predators are online. Prevention is a crucial tool.”

There has been a flurry of activity on the site since the conference. Steve Schechner expects many schools to go to SafeWave.org™ and register for the free network, joining schools nationwide whom are already registered.

To learn more about SafeWave.org™, cyber bully and the iLAND5™ network for kids, visit www.safewave.org.


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