DeKalb, Ga. parents urge strong school anti-bullying policy

By George Franco
DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Several dozen protestors turned out Monday night to call for a better approach to handling bullies in the DeKalb school district. They’re angry over the district’s handling of the investigation into the suicide death of Jaheem Herrerra a few months ago.

A group of activists said they picked Monday to call for more accountability and transparency when it comes to bullying in DeKalb schools because students begin school next Monday. And they said they don’t want another case like Jaheem Herrera to happen again.

They arrived in a bus, carrying signs with pictures of Jaheem Herrera. His family said the 11-year-old 5th grader committed suicide in April after extensive bullying at Dunaire Elementary school.

“We always had to stick together because the bullies were constantly attacking us,” said A.J. Brown.

Herrera’s buddy A.J. Brown was the youngest to speak. Community activists joined family and friends of the 11-year-old in challenging the districts’ finding in the case. In May, an independent legal team found no bullying had taken place. Full story.


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