Beatbullying survey: Teenagers ‘bullied by sex texts’

More than a third of under-18s have been sent offensive or distressing sexual images electronically, a survey by the charity Beatbullying suggests.

A large majority of the 2,094 respondents said a fellow teenager had sent it, compared with 2% who said an adult had sent the message.

The charity said “sexting” constituted bullying and was a growing problem.
Beatbullying asked 2,094 teenagers aged 11-18, and 38% had received such content via new technologies.

Just more than half (55%) of those said it had been sent by mobile phone.
The most common ways of communicating sexually explicit material are via Bluetooth, by uploading it on to a personal website or social networking site, or by e-mailing and texting it to individuals, Beatbullying said.

Some 45% of teenagers who had received explicit content said it had come from another teenager, and 23% said it was from their boyfriend or girlfriend.

Nearly one in three said they were using an online messaging service when content of a distressing sexual nature was introduced.

A higher proportion of women than men said this was the case — 31% as opposed to 24%. Full story.


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