Chanelle Rae’s school in $3m anti cyber-bullying project

Geelong kids and parents will become part of a $3 million federal project targeting cyber bullying. Leaders have confirmed schools from the region will be among 150 public and private schools across the country leading pilot work promoting safe use of communication technology and boosting effectiveness of cyber safety programs in schools.

Deputy Prime Minister and Federal Education Minister Julia Gillard and Youth Minister Kate Ellis announced the project yesterday and won quiet endorsement from Geelong mum Karen Rae.

Mrs Rae’s daughter Chanelle, 14, committed suicide last month as a result of cyber bullying. Her death drew state and national focus to the issue.

Mrs Rae yesterday welcomed a fresh national push to better educate children about dangers and responsibilities dealing with communication technology.

The Alannah and Madeline Foundation, which works to keep children safe from violence, will steer the pilot program as part of the Federal Government’s $125 million attack on cyber safety.

Foundation chief executive Dr Judith Slocombe said it would aim to promote behavioural change.

“Bullying and cyber bullying is one of the most common causes of violence in children’s lives,” Dr Slocombe said.

“This is about creating a really positive, caring culture within school communities, putting in place the things that parents, teachers and we as a community responsibly need to put around our children to keep them safe.” Full story.


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