“The Bee Hive” commentary: Homophobia is killing our kids

By E.N. Jackson
Frost Illustrated
Last week I watched in horror as ministers, church officials, and parishioners of a black Connecticut church, Manifested Glory Ministries, invoked the name of Jesus to release the “gay demons” supposedly possessing the soul of a 16-year-old boy. What I was watching was not a horror movie but a YouTube video clip that had been sent to me by a friend.

The clip opens with the young man lying on the floor as a woman stands over him shouting, “Get on up out of here you homosexual demon! I command you by the blood of Jesus! You are a spirit that is not of God!” She continues to demand that the gay demon leave the boy’s body as parishioners surround her and fill the room with shouts of “Amen!” and “Yes, Lord!” Next she puts her foot in the boy’s back and stomach, seeming to kick him, or rather the demon, to further emphasize her command. At that point, a man leans over the boy and begins symbolically pulling the demon out of the boy’s back. He then begins repeatedly lifting the boy off the floor by his head and neck. The woman takes charge again, ordering the men in the room to stand the boy up because, according to her, “Something needs to come out of his belly.” Suddenly, the man who had mimicked pulling the demon out of the boy begins pushing the palm of his hand into the young man’s forehead as the men holding him stumble back and forth. As the man puts his hands on the boy’s head, he shouts, “You have no power here! I bind you in the name of Jesus! You’re going to lose your grip today demon!” Throughout the entire ordeal, the young man remains silent. No matter how much exorcists attempt to coax him into speech, telling him to open his mouth and fight, it is the boy’s body, not his words, that speak for him. He writhes helplessly on the floor, stumbles blindly as he is dragged around the room, and even vomits at one point. All of this says far more than his words could ever say. Full story.


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