Students paint acceptance mural to take on bullies

The Republican
MONSON, Mass. — Outside Memorial Hall on Wednesday, a group of students worked on an acceptance mural to illustrate the problem of bullying.

Under the direction of artist Rochelle M. Shicoff, the students painted powerful images showing children being bullied, but also images of hope.
The project, which began last week, will be finished on Friday and a dedication is expected to be held later this summer. The finished product will be hung in Granite Valley Middle School.
“Bullying is a big issue in America,” Shicoff said.

And it has taken on new forms. There’s cyber-bullying, illustrated in the mural by a youth holding a cell phone. Cyber-bullying gained national attention with the suicide of a teenage girl after she received insulting messages from a friend’s mother claiming to be her boyfriend.

Several of the students said bullying is addressed in the schools and there are discussions on how to prevent it. Still, they say it is a problem.

Regina E. Scott, 14, said she wanted to participate in the project because she thought it would be fun. She painted a large, yellow sunflower, one of the positive images on the mural. Full story.

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