Schoolgirl took overdose after Bebo bullying, inquest hears

The Telegraph
CHESHIRE, England — Megan Gillan, 15, swallowed several tablets and killed herself after fellow pupils posted spiteful messages on the internet about her appearance and clothing.

Megan had previously refused to return to Macclesfield High School in Cheshire. She was taken out of class to keep her away from her tormenters and studied alone in a room normally used to house disruptive pupils, the inquest heard.

She was found dead in bed by her parents Mark and Margaret when she failed to come down for breakfast one day.
She had taken an overdose of methanemic acid, a tablet she had been prescribed for period pains.

Last January, Megan spent the weekend with her family buying presents for her nephew. On the Sunday night Megan complained of stomach ache.
Her mother Margaret, 54, a hospital worker, said: “She said to me out of the blue: ‘I’m not going to school tomorrow’, I said to her: ‘You have to go to school tomorrow because you’ve got a science exam in the morning’.

“I said to her ‘I promise if you do the exam I’ll come and pick you up afterwards, you don’t have to stay for the afternoon, just for the exam, then I’ll come and get you’. Those were the last words I spoke to her. “She wasn’t worried about exams — she was a bright girl.” Full story.


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