Cyber-bullying drove victims to brink of suicide


The Sun
TRAGIC teenager Megan Gillan took an overdose and died after she was bullied on the internet. At her inquest this week, heartbroken parents Mark and Margaret told how Megan, 15, was targeted by bullies on social networking site Bebo. Cyber bullying is far from uncommon. Charity Beatbullying estimate one in three children and teens have been online victims. Almost 10,000 young people a week contact the organisation’s internet service, Cybermentors, for advice. Here we bring you the stories of three teens driven to the brink by cyber bullying.

Georgia Woods, 13
Georgia lives in Dartford, Kent. She now helps others who have been bullied online after going through it herself:

WHEN I started secondary school I got on with lots of people.

But I fell out with one of my friends and everyone seemed to turn against me.

The bullies at school started leaving nasty messages on Bebo, calling me fat or ugly, They created online groups to join called “I hate Georgia Woods” and called me a slag or a whore. Full story.


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