Hundreds of mourners gather for Chanelle Rae funeral

By Patrick Carlyon
GEELONG, Australia — SONGS by Eminem and Michael Jackson played as mourners farewelled teenager Chanelle Rae, who took her own life last week.

Mourners wearing blue and white Geelong scarves attended the Barrabool Hills Community Centre in the Geelong suburb of Highton to pay their respects.

Chanelle, 14, was the fourth student at Western Heights College to commit suicide in only five months this year.

Chaplain Aaron Hille told mourners that no crisis was so bad it could not be talked about.

Chanelle’s best friend, Rachael Scott, told the congregation how they had met as little girls, how Chanelle was always on the phone and was always fun.

“Most of all I remember how she made me laugh,” Rachael said.

Mourners watched a series of photos of Chanelle through her life, with her generous smile evident in each one. Songs played during the service included When I’m Gone by Eminem, Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break My Stride by Unique II, You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson and It’s Not Easy Being Me by David Gray. Full story.

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