Chanelle Rae schoolmate: I could have met the same fate

By Melissa Jenkins
AS 14-year-old Chanelle Rae is laid to rest in Highton today, another teenager has reflected on the frightening fact she could have met the same fate. Year Nine student Sarah (not her real name) tried to kill herself about one month ago.

Like Chanelle, who took her own life last week, Sarah was the victim of school bullying – in person and on the internet. She attempted suicide following an extended campaign of bullying at the hands of schoolmates and someone who hacked into her Facebook and MSN Messenger accounts and, pretending to be her, posted nasty messages to others.

“I lost so many friends through that,” Sarah told AAP. “Every single day I would go back to school and go through being bullied and having this horrible feeling about every day waking up to go to this horrid place. Full story.

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