Landmark case: U.K. boy convicted of racial bullying of suicidal schoolgirl

By Murray Wardrop
The Telegraph
The 15-year-old boy is facing the threat of a year in a young offenders’ institute after he became the first to be convicted of racially harassing a fellow pupil.

His victim, a 14-year-old mixed race girl, tried to take her own life by swallowing a cocktail of pills after he waged a six-month campaign of abuse telling her: “Go back to your own country, you don’t belong here.”

However, the case has ignited a debate over whether such bullying should be dealt with through the criminal courts or by schools.

The victim’s mother welcomed the conviction on Wednesday and said she hoped the landmark case would pave the way for more young victims of racism to win justice.

But she criticised the mixed comprehensive school in Lincoln for failing to recognise the bullying which led to the suicide attempt.

The 36-year-old said her daughter had been too frightened to reveal her suffering because she feared being physically attacked by her tormentor, who she claimed was the ringleader of a violent gang of boys at the school.

It was claimed that the boy is also a BNP supporter, whose father is a member of the far-right party.
The girl’s mother, who has two other young children, said: “Knowing that my daughter had suffered such horrendous abuse because of the colour of her skin made me feel physically sick.

Full story.

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