Bullying 101: Are America’s schools willing to help our children?

By Marnie Ayers
Bullying 101: do schools really know how to help our children? If all schools are like the middle school I recently worked at, I would have to say a resounding, “no!” As a certified teacher, and having been a victim of bullying and harassment myself as a student in Illinois, I have personally experienced the lack of concern and willingness of teachers and administration to advocate for students and ensure their safety in school.

I have witnessed first hand the perpetuation and revictimization of bullied and harassed students by teachers who themselves make demeaning comments about these target students behind closed classroom doors. Parents must be aware of the harsh reality in some schools today and parents must know that teachers do not always advocate for the rights of children…period.

Parents…to get (and stay) involved in your child’s school experience, always ask questions and gain insight into their peer relationships. Know that it is OK to ask questions of teachers and administration at your child’s school and never settle for the issue not being resolved swiftly; your child’s well-being, school success and safety depend on it. If your child informs you that other students at school are humiliating him or making threats, please take action! Don’t wait until it’s too late. Be aware of the following warning signs that your child may be a victim of bullying and harassment: Full story.


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