School bullies destroy lives — GLSEN can help

By Matt Kailey
While Sirdeaner Walker was cooking dinner in the kitchen, her 11-year-old son, Carl, hung himself with an extension cord in his bedroom, a suicide that appeared to be prompted by the relentless bullying to which he was being subjected at school.

Walker testified before Congress earlier this month on the dangers of bullying in school and how her son had been a constant target. Walker testified that Carl had complained of being pushed around at school and been subjected to anti-gay slurs.

“My son was only 11,” Walker said, as reported by ABC News. “He didn’t identify as gay or as straight or anything like that. He was a child. Those kids at his school called him those names because they were probably the most hurtful things they could think to say. And they hit their mark.”

For some youth today, “gay” is one of the worst possible slurs, and it is used against any child who doesn’t conform to certain codes of behavior or who doesn’t fit in with the “right crowd.”

And children who do not display traditional “masculine” or “feminine” gender behaviors stand out as targets. Some of these children might be gay or lesbian. Some might be transgendered. And some might be heterosexual, non-trans children. Regardless of how they identify, they are singled out and targeted, and the results can be disastrous. Full story.

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