Cyber-bullying drives 14-year-old girl to suicide

By Lauren Wilson
The Australian
POLICE have warned students of the dangers of cyber-bullying after a 14-year-old Victorian schoolgirl took her life last Friday night, hours after someone threatened to reveal her secrets over the internet and “ruin her life”.

Chanelle Rae, a Year 8 student described by friends as beautiful and bubbly, is the fourth student or former student of Geelong’s Western Heights College to kill herself in the past sixth months.

Principal Kris Rooney said the school community was devastated and extra counsellors had been on campus during the past two days to help students manage their grief.

“The death of any young person has many victims,” Ms. Rooney said. “We are deeply saddened by this death. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.”

Chanelle’s devastated mother Karen Rae told Melbourne’s 3AW her daughter was having trouble with her group of school friends.

“Friday night she was on the internet, she came in and told me of some message that had come through and she wanted to die because of the message,” she said.

“That hour was the only dark part, I can tell you, that she had in her life.” Full story.

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