Research: School bullying harms victims, bullies, bystanders

Derry Journal
DERRY, England — A Derry woman has proposed a series of new models to help reduce bullying problems in schools. Dr Sandra Doherty, who recently graduated with a Ph.D in Psychology from the University of Ulster, has researched the issue of school bullying and health alongside Dr John Mallett.

Their research was based on a large sample of school children from nine post primary schools in the North West region of the Western Education Board area. They found the rate of victimisation for frequent bullying was 22.46% for males and 18.40% for females.

The team also discovered the total incidents reported for those involved in bullying other pupils was lower at 13.67%. Sandra’s research uncovered that school bullying affects all pupils’ health and well-being, whether they report being a bully, are a victim, are a bully-victim or an observer (non-involved).

“This is because bullying is a pathological twist of power struggles fostering absenteeism, poor academic achievement and an unsafe environment which includes violence,” says Sandra.
Sandra proposes models like the C.A.P.S.L.E. model (Creating a Peaceful School Learning Environment), or similar interventions to reduce bully/victim problems. Full story.


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