U.K. 15-year-old bullied to death for good looks

The Telegraph
Simone Grice leapt 40ft from the flyover onto an A-road despite two passers-by who saw her on the edge and desperately pleaded with her “don’t do it, don’t do it”. Her body was found at the foot of the bridge, with Grice clinging to her mobile phone and a toy doll she’d had since she was a toddler.

The teenager’s family had recently removed her from school to be tutored at home amid claims she was being physically and verbally assaulted. Her mother Linda, 45, said her daughter killed herself after suffering years of abuse by female bullies who were jealous of her good looks.

Mrs. Grice, of Redruth, Cornwall, said: “She took her own life because she was the victim of extreme bullying at school. She was always targeted and it was very intense.

“They were always looking to beat her up. They would spit at her, throw stones at her and call her names. She became very emotional, very fragile. Full story.

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