Idaho teachers do their homework to stop bullying

By Michelle Costa
News 8
POCATELLO, Idaho 𔃉 Bullying has become a big problem in our school systems, but some say there is a way to stop this ever-growing issue. In many schools throughout the nation, violence is on the rise and with it, teachers concern for their students.

Tom Wilson is a school psychologist in Rigby. He’s among the dozen teachers in a class at ISU which he said has really opened his eyes.

“I don’t see boundaries between people the way we did when I was growing up. There’s just is no idea that someone else may have rights or may even have feelings,” said Tom Wilson, Teacher, District 251. While many of us think of bullying in elementary school, that’s not true, it actually happens anywhere.

“It can happen at home, at church, school, it can be physical, racial, religious,” said Howard Manwaring, Retired Detective. Full story.

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