Garden City, N.Y. schools pledge to go “bully free”

The Garden City News
Students at the Stewart and Stratford schools pledged their support to become a bully free school by participating in “Bully Free Day.” Designed by social worker, Michele Degati, “Bully Free Day” was created to raise student awareness about bullying. Students and faculty were asked to wear the color yellow to show their support for the event.

Students reflected on how a bullying victim might feel by writing in their morning journal entries. Teachers were provided with copies of the story, “The Cool Kids” by J.K. Rowling, to spark classroom discussion about the impact of relational aggression, popularity and excluding children on the playground.

Teachers adapted the activities to their classrooms by facilitating important class discussions, incorporating the “Don’t Laugh At Me” curriculum, and helping students reflect on the power of being a good bystander to someone in need. Mrs. Benito’s fifth grade class at the Stewart School reflected on the day’s experiences on their classroom blog. Ms. Piscopo’s second graders at the Stratford School created paper tee shirts with “Bully Free” slogans which were displayed on a clothesline in the cafeteria. Full story.


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