Blog essay: On bullying at school, and reunions

By evolving
Mark Chu-Carroll has a heartfelt rant against how he was treated as a “geek” at school, which resonates with me. I was a geek, but I managed to avoid being attacked daily (mostly) by becoming a “head” or “hippy” (it was the 1970s, okay?). As such I fit into a clear category, and was more or less left alone. It was accidental, although I did try to be everyone’s friend as a way to pre-empt being everyone’s punching bag. The downside was that I used drugs, lost any academic capacity, and was eventually thrown out of school before final year graduation. As a result I don’t even get asked to the reunions, which is a pity because while the bastard teachers who told my folks I was stupid were alive, I should like to have rubbed their arrogant noses in the fact that I did a BA with honors and a graduate diploma in computing while working full-time and without any support. These days I would like my childhood friends to know I got as far as a PhD. C’est la guerre Full story.


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