Baltimore County, Md. schools get new anti-bullying policy

The Towson Times
The Baltimore County Board of Education on July 14 unanimously approved a new anti-bullying policy. The new policy defines acts of bullying, harassment and intimidation, and prohibits not only bullying itself, but “reprisal or retaliation against an individual who reports an act of bullying, harassment or intimidation.”

County public school policies had already prohibited “extortion or taking money or possessions from another student(s) by threat or causing fear or intimidation,” as well as “physical attack(s) on a student” and threat(s) on individuals.”

The existing policies did not, however, define or use the word “bullying.”

Baltimore County Public Schools, along with public school systems statewide, were required to develop anti-bullying policies based upon a model policy created by the state Board of Education.
The creation of the state board’s model was mandated by the Maryland General Assembly in July 2008. Full story.


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  1. My 13 yr old daughter was harassed and tormented for over a months before she told me. The amount of people calling her names,discussing her body,talking about her in a sexual nature,and laughing at her…were over 20. Depression hit my daughter and her grades dropped,she even wrote a suicide note and was admitted to inpatient hospital for suicidal thoughts,All due to the bullying. I went to 2 parents homes,talked to teachers,the guidence counselor and the principal. I was told there was nothing they can do about it. I was told that they were very sorry for her and that its awful that they are doing that to her…but did nothing more. I tried switching schools but the other schools said they were full and could not make an exception.

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