Bullying: When should parents get involved?

By Elizabeth Moore
The New Jersey Star-Ledger
It was my 9-year-old’s first trip to the pool with his day camp and no parent chaperone, when another kid dunked his head under the water on purpose that prompted me to ask myself: When does a parent have to get involved when their child is being bullied?

While talking with some other moms over a summer glass of wine, I decided there is no easy answer. It’s a conundrum all parents deal with, I learned, as they recounted one by one their own stories of whether or not to interfere.

There was the kid who got trash talked by another kid while playing baseball out in left field; another kid who was bullied an unhappy classmate, a kid who was repeatedly kept out of a kickball game; and my own kid — who finally got out of the pool when he couldn’t make the dunking kid leave him alone.

We parents try to teach our kids ways to handle their own problems — when to stand up for themselves, when to ask an adult for help and when to walk way from a situation, but it isn’t always cut and dried. Full story.


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