New Jersey lawmaker’s daughter testifies to Congress about bullying

By Ledyard King
Courier Post
WASHINGTON — Physically and emotionally bullied as a fourth-grader, Jackie Andrews is fighting back.

She’s doing so not with taunts or fists but with an anti-bullying campaign the 16-year-old high school junior is developing with her sister Josie, 14, that might soon get a national audience.

Wednesday, the Andrews sisters, from Haddon Heights, appeared before a House Education and Labor subcommittee that invited them to speak as part of a hearing on ways to prevent bullying. The panel included one particularly interested lawmaker: their father, Rep. Rob Andrews, D-Haddon Heights, who helped arrange their appearance. (Read Jackie Andrews testimony)

The girls’ message is simple: Bullying happens because bystanders don’t intervene.

“A future without bullying is dependent on the 99.9 percent of the people who can make a difference, the people who know that bullying is wrong but who thus far have done nothing to stop it,” Jackie told the panel. “In my book, this 99.9 percent is as bad as the bully himself because the bully doesn’t know better. They do.” Full story.


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