Chicago Sun-Times on Lori Drew cyber-bullying acquittal

Merced Sun Star Opinion Page
If ever a person deserves a little old-fashioned public shaming, it is Lori Drew, the creepy mom from Missouri who participated in an Internet hoax that drove a teenage girl to suicide.

And we, the media, have been giving it to Drew for the last year-and-a-half, just by telling the whole world what a reprehensible thing she did. It is hard to imagine that Drew can walk into a diner anymore without somebody whispering, “That’s the woman who … “Is that punishment enough? Who knows. Some will say it is too much.

But we do know this — the next heartless adult who thinks about toying with the emotions of a teenager in such a cruel way might think twice. Nobody wants to be another Lori Drew, who must live with the burden of what she did. Full story.


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