Psychiatrist: Just bossy? Or is child a bully?

CBS News
Is your young child bossy to friends or siblings? Bossy behavior can start as young as five, and psychiatrist Dr. Janet Taylor says, “Bossy kids are not trying to manipulate you. You can help them understand and formulate, as a 5-year-old or 8-year old, a better way to get what they want. 

“There should a discussion about the rules of the household, or how to treat other people and children/sibling. How kids behave inside is also how they should behave outside.” 

Taylor shared more advice on “The Early Show” Thursday. She explained how parents can spot bossy behavior, and break their young child of it. But why do kids begin to behave bossy at such a young age? 

“The bossiness is a form of communication, it’s a social interaction,” Taylor told CBS News. “As parents we need to help them better communicate their needs and wants. I think it’s important for parents to be observant of their child’s behavior, how they get want they want versus one who wants to do it their way and get what they want.” Full story.


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