Ex-prep Illinois football player sues over 1999 hazing

By Mark J. Konkol
Chicago Sun-Times
A 1999 Stevenson High School football player who was sodomized with a broomstick and a banana by his teammates as part of a violent hazing ritual filed a lawsuit last week against his attackers, coaches and former school.

Stamatios Shinas, now 25, who says he was hazed and sexually abused three times, told reporters Monday his attackers took his “pride” and “self-respect” and left him psychologically scarred for life.

“I don’t trust anyone anymore,” Shinas said.

Shinas’ lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court seeks damages from former Stevenson football players Blake Cooley, David Davis, Alex Holden and Tiquion Clay, who currently is serving 120 years in prison for raping a 78-year-old Vernon Hills woman in May 2001.

The four Pioneer players each pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges in Lake County stemming from the 1999 hazing. Davis and Cooley were charged with battery but pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct charges for their part in the incident. They were fined $100 and placed on supervision. Full story.

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