Cape Cod Times: The Global Village Has Its Idiots

This commentary, “The Global Village Has Its Idiots,” by C.M. Boots-Faubert appeared in the July 7, 2009 edition of the Cape Cod Times.

By C.M. Boots-Faubert
When we think of a bully, chances are the image is of a slightly larger than normal school-aged child with a propensity for violent or abusive behavior that we do not understand, and want nothing to do with.

I am fairly certain that the phenomenon of the bully is near universal — and I do not speak from a position of pure speculation, as I have had my own experiences with bullies and bullying both as a child, and as the parent of a child.

When I was 11 years old, a new kid arrived at our school, a year older and a year larger but somehow kept back in our grade. He was, by every definition of the word, a bully. I was his second target of opportunity, and I must admit he did a good job on me, leaving me with a fat lip, a bloody nose, and very wounded pride. I chose not to defend myself, not out of fear of the bully, but out of fear of the nuns — who were a much more fearsome danger in Catholic school, considering their attitude about fighting.

I took a good beating because at the time — 1977 — taking a beating like a man was almost as respectable as giving one back to the bully who attacked you. Those were different times — saner and safer times, in my opinion. For one thing, children did not carry handguns or knives to school, and getting even with someone meant popping them in the nose, not killing them — or perhaps almost as bad, destroying their emotional stability and reputation online — the latter an action that may well have killed one 13-year-old little girl.

Who is Lori Drew?
Last Thursday in Los Angeles, US District Court Judge George Wu overturned the verdict in the case of the United States vs. Lori Drew — a case you may have heard of. Lori Drew is a 50-year-old mother from Missouri who, in September 2006, showed very bad judgment when she conspired with her then-13-year-old daughter and an employee of her business to manufacture a MySpace profile for a fictitious, good-looking teenage boy, and then used that profile to toy with the emotions of a 13-year-old girl who happened to be her neighbor and, at some point, friend of her daughter. Read the full article.


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