Are homeschoolers safe from bullying?

By Sarah Wilson
Bullying has been a problem throughout millennia. Seen in nonhuman primates, bullying seems to be part of our evolutionary make-up. But what was once viewed as “harmless” or “part of growing up,” is now deemed illegal. Having taken a dramatic turn toward unmitigated violence, bullying is being outlawed.

Is homeschooling the answer to this problem? By pulling our children out of the unnatural environment that is traditional school, are we now free from worries about bullying? The answer, unfortunately, is no.

Bullying still occurs, even in homeschool circles. Children who are different are picked on. Children who stand out or stand up are singled-out. Perhaps this will bring comfort to folks concerned with homeschoolers’ “socialization”—now they know that homeschooled children have the potential for emotional scars, just as their traditionally schooled children do. Lucky them. Full story.


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