School bullying, once silent battle, now a crime

By Christine Armario
Associated Press
TAMPA, Fla. — In a Tampa middle school locker room, prosecutors say four flag football players held down a younger teammate and committed a horrifying assault: Raping him with a hockey stick and a broom handle.

“Don’t do it again or this is going to happen to you again,” a witness says he heard one of the boys say in the April attack.

Two decades ago, the attack may have stayed a secret. Victims of hazing, bullying and sexual assault are still often too terrified to report their attackers — though officials say that’s starting to change.

Police are called to investigate everything from cyber-bullying and schoolyard fights to brutal hazing rituals, and tormenters can be prosecuted under anti-bullying laws in dozens of states. Proactive parents aren’t afraid to confront school officials or take the matter to court, and schools are training students and teachers alike to spot and report bullying. Full story.


3 Responses

  1. My father, Izzy Kalman, offers an excellent, free manual to help stop being teased and bullied:

    If you are having doubts about its effectiveness, here is an article that tells of a hopeless mother of a bullying victim who finally turned to my father’s free manual to seek help for her son, and watched his bullying problems disappear instantly:

  2. Bullying is becoming an epidemic in this and other countries. The Tampa bullying is one of the worst. I hope that young man gets the help he needs to cope with what happened. I signed my son up on a safe site through his school. I received the email below about their participation in a statewide conference.

    Florida Assoc of School Administrators (FASA) Invites™ to Leadership Conference

    Orlando, FL (PRWEB) August 3, 2009 –™ is a nonprofit organization becoming recognized as an online safety leader. It offers the only free & secure internet safe haven for children ages 5-18.’s™ iLAND5™ is enriched with education, games and social interactions in an age appropriate network.

    To learn more about™, cyber bully and the iLAND5™ network for kids, visit

    • Thanks for the heads-up Jean. I went ahead and posted the full press release to the blog. Thank you!

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