Gasp! Twitter bullies?
There was a question posted over at TwiTip regarding Twitter Bullies which is how this particular post started.

I have to admit that I’ve been privy to a few episodes of bullying on twitter since I joined in early February of this year. I am sure that there are always plenty of other bully shenanigans going on around me, but I do not allow this to become part of my personal twitter experience.

The above paragraph may sound a bit callous, or it could make me appear to be indifferent to the suffering that surrounds emotional and mental abuse issues online. For the record: I have a BS in Sociology, three years experience working with online organizations that deal specifically in cyber-abuse issues, three years of experience in high acuity units at a psychiatric hospital, and virtual experience of ten years plus dealing with varying degrees of online abuse. I believe I am qualified to give intermediate advice regarding how to deal with online bullies! Full story.


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