Thursday Tween Talk: Cliques and bullying
School is out, but the need to feel “in” is not. Gossiping, name-calling and teasing are the weapons of power girls in cliques utilize during their tween years. Boys are not invincible to these weapons either, and can become the target of girl clique power plays. This is a form of “bullying” among girls, who during their tween years are struggling to find their identities. Movies like Camp Rock, Mean Girls and Clueless have all touched upon the subject — a very popular one in tween culture.

Rosalind Wiseman, author of Queen Bees and Wannabees has excellent advice on talking to your tween daughter if she has become a target for clique tormenting.
Communication is key.

Choosing when and how to confront teasing and gossiping is always difficult. Many parents are tempted to tell their daughters to ignore the teasing and it will stop or the gossips will move on to someone else. Even though this sounds like a reasonable strategy, it’s exactly the kind of parental advice that makes girls feel that their parents don’t understand the world they’re living in. When girls have problems, they need help right away. If your daughter is a target, have a conversation with her about it. You want to affirm her and confirm that you’re a good resources and a nonjudgmental listener. Then help her come up with realistic strategies to confront the problem effectively. Options include: Full story.


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