N.C. Representative: Take a stand against bullying

Editor’s Note: Rep. Darren Jackson is a freshman legislator from Wake County. As Bob Geary posted on the Citizen and Triangulator blogs Monday night, Jackson, a Democrat, was part of the 59-57 House majority that passed the anti-bullying bill. The House was holding a final reading at press time Tuesday. The Senate already has passed the measure. If the House gives the final OK Gov. Beverly Perdue is expected to sign it into law. Jackson’s comments on the House floor before the vote were particularly poignant. We’re reprinting them here. — Lisa Sorg

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I got a letter from a constituent that I’d like to read a little bit about tonight in this forum.

She wrote, “I am the mother of a son with autism. I truly cannot comprehend the reluctance of any legislator to pass this bill. Bullies do exist, and they make life miserable for those unable to defend themselves. In a civilized society, why do we allow this? My son is bright but different. Eccentric some would say. Unfortunately, this difference can be the catalyst for teasing and taunting, sometimes in a subtle form, and sometimes in more flagrant acts involving an emotional and physical violation. Full story.


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