Mother says school ignored bully attacks on her son

By Jaimee Lynn Fletcher
The Orange County Register
LOS ALAMITOS — The mother of an 11-year-old alleges the Los Alamitos Unified School District ignored her pleas to discipline a group of bullies she says beat up her son on at least two occasions, leaving the sixth grader with a concussion, bruises and scratches.

School officials say they always examine claims of bullying and conduct extensive investigations.
Violet Raminfard said she is desperate for help after multiple attempts appealing to Oak Middle School officials and the district to stop the attacks on her son, Bernard Raminfard. Full story.


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  1. My son, also disabled, and a straight A student was bullied so badly in the nineties that we had to seek a psychologist. His bully brought a device to open his locker and urinated on his clothes and books and then asked the football team to join in. A teacher knew of this and the principal only passed us on to the VP who told us that is was a rite of passage. He also said it was my sons word against the known bullies. Other parents said they were afraid of the main family involved and that they did not want their children to become the knew targets. My son endured daily torture from these monsters. Today he is finishing his second doctorate and he says that his experience at Los Al has affected his whole life in a negative way. Would like to join other parents to stop this cuelty.

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