Nonprofit group in California battles teen bullying

San Diego Union-Tribune
NORTH COUNTY, Calif. — When Salvador Meza entered sixth grade at Lincoln Middle School in Oceanside, a teacher told him to use a locker in the section for eighth-graders. One of those eighth-graders made his life miserable through intimidation and daily threats.

“I could have told someone in charge, but I thought I would get beat up if I ratted,” said Salvador, who is now 16. He shared his story at a recent community meeting to address bullying in Oceanside schools. “I suffered that whole year, and I don’t want anyone else to suffer,” he said.

The June 1 meeting was hosted by Faith Works, a nonprofit organization that represents 11 North County congregations and conducts grass-roots leadership development.

About 100 people attended, including school officials from Oceanside and El Camino high schools, and from Jefferson, Lincoln, Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King Jr. middle schools. They met with students, victims and parents at Mission San Luis Rey Parish.

The focus was on research done by churches that partnered with Faith Works last year to launch Lift Every Voice for Youth, an initiative for social change that addresses teen bullying.Full story.


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