Fear, cavalier attitudes foster bullying

By NANCY CHURNIN / The Dallas Morning News 

 Bullying is a continuing problem for kids, and it can be deadly serious: As recently as April, two 11-year-old boys from different cities committed suicide after being bullied.

Two experts on the problem – Patti Criswell, a licensed social worker and author who helped design American Girl’s Stop the Bullying program, and Ashley Macchia, a facilitator with Pathways in Dallas, who has worked with victims of bullying – recently took part in an online chat with readers. Here are highlights:

What should schools be doing to try to keep bullying from happening?

 Criswell: So much! Every school should have a protocol and should take hate-based language seriously. Programs should start in early elementary, and character education should be woven in at every level. Full story.

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2 Responses

  1. if you type in his name and read the stories about him and not just that something that was not said was that now he cant go back to school same place. they kicked him out of the district. ( sorry if i didn’t explain clearly but i wish guys would take the time to read bernard’s story too!) THANK YOU

  2. Hi Ashley,

    Thanks for your email. We posted coverage of your brother’s situation back in June.

    See this link to go to the story on our site:


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