Researcher: Kids identify bullying “hot spots” in schools

By Tiffany Chaparro
Most programs to stop bullying focus on the bully, but new research has shown that the bully may not be the only problem. Ronald Pitner, a violence expert and assistant professor at Washington University, focuses his research on where the bullying takes place.

“Oftentimes children will identify more than a few areas in their school as being unsafe and it’s because violence occurs in those areas,” Pitner told Scholastic News Online. “Several studies have shown that there are definitely areas or what I call ‘hot spots’ in common areas that children talk about feeling unsafe.”

In his studies, Pitner asks children to look at a map of their school and point out spots where they feel uncomfortable or scared. He also asked them the time of day they feel most unsafe. The kids pointed out the same spots: the bathrooms and the stairwells.

Usually, these areas aren’t highly monitored, Pitner said. Without an adult presence in these places, violence is more likely to occur. Full story.

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