“Hit him back” doesn’t work: Real solutions to handle bullying

The Menninger Clinic
Has your child even been bullied? Were you bullied as a child? Sadly, bullying is commonplace in today’s culture. As a result, many mental health professionals are studying ways to raise awareness about the problem and prevent bullying.

According to the National Education Association, bullying is “systematically and chronically inflicting physical hurt and /or psychological distress on one or more students.”

Gaye Barker, National Education Association’s coordinator of Bullying and Sexual Assault Prevention and Intervention Programs, states that much of the bullying behavior doesn’t occur just on the school’s playground or in the bathroom, but also takes place in the classroom. Often teachers are unaware or unwilling to address the behavior.

“By creating a partnership, so that everyone is committed to solving the problem, bullying behavior can be alleviated,” she says.

The goal of the NEA’s program is to educate the community on what bullying is and how to address it. Teaching people that bullying will not be tolerated is the first step. The NEA program strives to help the whole school and community handle this issue, so training is not just for the principals or the teachers, but also the housekeeping staff, as well as the superintendent and other individuals within the overall community.

“With everyone involved, the bully has no place to hide,” Ms. Barker explained. Full story.

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